Entering God's Rest

"Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy". What does that even mean? When is the "sabbath" and do why do we still have to "remember it? Discover the true meaning and blessing behind the sabbath.

Raising Godly Kids

These days, raising a family is more challenging than ever. Kids are under pressure to compromise from all angles and its your job as parent to teach them and guide them through the obstacles of life- SOMEBODY HELP ! Don't panic. The Word of God is a handbook for you to raise Godly children.

guest speaker - pastor anthony franklin


wealth without woes

We all want to be successful in life and success is often defined differently depending on who you're talking to. But what does God consider "success"? Money isn't everything but we all need it. So how do we have money without letting it control our lives? Bishop Mott tackles that and more.