"real church"

"Who are you looking for"

"The benefits of donkey obedience"

"Marriage, Divorce & Singleness"

"Finding Your Boaz"

"Getting Over The Fear of Marriage"

"First Love Part II"

"First Love"

"Turn Around"

"When giving hurts"

"One Blood"

"Why Missions Matter"

"How To Possess Your Miracle"

"Radical Faith"

"there's something about mary"

"A habitation for God II"

" A habitation for God"

"Ask for rain"

"Giving Your treasure"

"I have a slingshot"

"The Gift of Time"

"People Are Priceless"

"call me jacob"

christ is all pt iv

"Christ is supreme"

"Christ THe Sustainer"

"Vision Elevates"

"christ is all"

"New Year's Service"

"from here to there"

"timeless iv"

"timeless pt. iii

"Timeless PT. ii"

"timeless pt. i

"the Chastening of the lord"

"waste or worth"

"Born this way"

"Taking off the mask"

Recovering Your identity: The power of knowing yourself

"how to have god's best"

"nothing but leaves"

"how justice works"

"Why Does Evil Prosper"

"How Should the church respond"

"unstoppable church"

"in process"

faith: the key to miracles

Guest Speaker

"My Church"

new year's eve 2016 "Patches"

"How to give god your best"

"the reason for my gratitude"

"sowing seeds"


"keep dreaming"