Here's just a short summary of our story.


fcc actually started as

 a small group in the basement of Pastor Ray and Sherrie’s Mount Vernon, NY home. Along with his family and a few committed friends, Pastor Ray began leading and teaching this group lessons from the Bible. They began sharing meals each week as the group began to grow and what started out as a small group soon became a strong, vibrant, local church. Propelled by a strong sense of family and community, this not-so-small-anymore group began to take shape and the basement could no longer accommodate the growing church.


so we moved out

 of the Mott household and rented the upstairs unit on the corner of East First Street in Mount Vernon, NY. After a while, it became clear that God really wanted to heal brokenness in individuals and to restore families. Because of this, in 2001, we changed our name from Spirit and Truth International Ministries (don't judge us - a lot of churches were doing it in the 90's) to Family Christian Center. We moved our church to New Rochelle, where we are now, and we feel a strong sense of calling to our community.